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The Lost World

Reviewed by Carl R.

Rating: x rē Poseidons  


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The Lost World


This review is dedicated to Vitina Marcus, who made a brief appearance in the film, which is credited as 'Native Girl' in IMDB.


Vitina Marcus


Vitina Marcus, as Native Girl 

Though this was a relatively small part for Vitina, she is a a fine actress with wide range of parts to her name, and most importantly, she is a wonderful person.  Vitina starred in Lost in Space, The Time Tunnel, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, and a bunch of other really cool TV shows. 


These days, and for some time now, Vitina goes by the moniker "The Green Lady", which is a reference to her leading role of "Athena" in a 1967 episode of Lost in Space entitled "The Girl from the Green Dimension".   In this episode, Vitina literally plays a green lady.  Not just any green lady, but a green lady with a fixation on Dr. Smith!  Vitina's leading role makes this one of the best episodes of the legendary Lost in Space series! 

  Vitina Marcus as The Girl From The Green Dimension


Vitina has a great website where you can get personally-autographed photos.  Be sure to visit!


Carl R.